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Doughlicious is an egg-free, safe-to-eat cookie dough that we’ve taken to the NEXT LEVEL.
From the classic to crazy, we’ve got something everyone’s sure to love!


Everyday Flavors


The OG Classic Chocolate Chip

(but better)


cake batter

Cake batter, M&Ms & sprinkles

birthday cake

Cake batter, white chips & sprinkles


cookies ‘n cream

Oreos, Oreos andddd more Oreos


Chocolate chips, brownies & brownie batter


pb fluffalicious

Peanut butter, chocolate chips, PB chips, & fluff


Chocolate chips, toasted marshmallows, fluff
& graham crackers

seasonal Flavors

• pumpkin spice

• peanut butter cup

cupcake flavors.jpg

Everyday Flavors


vanilla vanilla

Vanilla buttermilk cake & vanilla cream cheese frosting

mint chocolate chip

Valrhona chocolate chip cake, fudge filling & cream cheese icing

Chef’s selection - ROtating daily flavors

May contain nuts


Toasted vanilla cake, graham cracker crumbles, & marshmallow frosting

chocolate ganache

Valrhona chocolate cake & layer
Callebaut chocolate ganache icing


chocolate peanut butter

Valrhona chocolate cake & all-natural peanut butter cream cheese frosting

oreo red velvet

Oreo-infused cocoa buttermilk cake with vanilla buttercream frosting


strawberries & champagne

Fresh strawberry cake & champagne cream cheese frosting

caramel coconut

Chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting, coconut shavings & caramel

carrot cake

Fresh carrot spice cake, walnuts & vanilla cream cheese frosting

seasonal Flavors:

  • pumpkin spice

  • apple cake


red velvet

Cocoa buttermilk cake & vanilla cream cheese frosting

cookie butter

Cookie butter-infused cake & cinnamon cream cheese frosting


birthday cake

Vanilla sprinkle cupcake, vanilla cream cheese frosting & rainbow sprinkles


everyday items

rotating cookie selection

raspberry crumble square

cookie dough brownie

funfetti birthday cake bar


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